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I have always been a gun enthusiast. I really enjoy combining my passion for firearms and my legal training to provide very important and helpful services to my fellow Gun Owners and Enthusiasts...so you can enjoy your firearms safely and legally. If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to fill out my Ask a Question form or give me a call or Contact Me and I can share my thoughts with you. Thank you and I hope we get to meet some day...

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Everything great and lasting starts with a Strategy...Gun Law isn't any different. It's the best place to start for anyone wanting to protect their family and their firearms for many years to come. Learn more about how this works and why it's so critical for every gun owner to have one in place.

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Most gun owners "don't know what they don't know" because Gun Law can be quite confusing and complex. Everyone has a unique situation and I want to help you understand it better so you stay within the law. I offer a COMPLIMENTARY hour to every gun owner...no strings...no fees...no obligation...just so they can figure out what they need to know. If you need help, Sign Up...you won't get some sales pitch, just answers! Schedule a "Complimentary" Personalized Meeting

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My blog is where I can share stories about GunLaw, Firearms, Education, and Training. I hope they give you insights, helpful information, and knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While they don't give legal advice, I hope they help you learn more about the many issues related to Gun Law. Please share them with your fellow Gun Owners...

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Estate & Business Planning

Gun Law has a more to do with how you set up your Estate Plan is constructed than you might realize. We sometimes call this the "Accidental Felony" because people don't put the necessary plans in place that can lead to an felony. As an Estate Planning Attorney, Gun Law is critical to a well designed plan...

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This isn’t a new topic…but it might be for some of you. The talk about “Gun Insurance” has come up before but never really landed anywhere permanent. But now there is some more resurgence about it…is it political or real? There has always been talk about having firearm insurance to protect someone against the loss of a firearm and the use of the firearm in a crime. This is different than the insurance you might have if your gun is stolen from you and you want the insurance company to reimburse you for it. This is adding [more]
As you have probably read many times on my blog, gun safety is one of the key topics I talk about to try and help everyone be safe around guns and knowing the law. So anytime I can see someone helping either of these causes I want to share it with you. This time it is a group that is trying to bring gun safety to the forefront for people…in a very big way…using Actors from Hollywood! The group, known as Evolve, is no newcomer to the space of getting the word out and trying to create some [more]
There is so much discussion and debate over gun laws and gun control these days you can’t go a day without getting deluged by the content…it’s never ending. And it appears the volume is about equal on both sides of the argument for or against more gun control. One side wants new laws passed and the other wants fewer laws passed…both sides of the spectrum for sure. But when we look at some of these laws we have in place, my question is, “Do we really need more gun laws for common sense answers? Case in [more]