About AR Gun Law Group

The Arkansas Gun Law Group is 100% about YOU, the gun owner. Every article I write, video I shoot, or page we share is focused on helping Gun Owners in Arkansas to be SAFER and enjoy their hobby WITHIN THE LAW.

It is also my belief that every gun owner (whether they own 1 or 100 firearms) should have a “Gun Law Strategy” in place. A Gun Law Strategy is something that allows you to plan in advance and be prepared for owning firearms. If there is one thing I have learned from practicing law for over 30 years it’s this…planning in advance reduces stress, risk, and improves peace of mind. It isn’t about documents, it’s about your life. And when it comes to firearms, it’s about safety and keeping you within the law, especially since the penalties usually result in jail time.

When gun owners have a Gun Law Strategy in place, they understand what they can do and can’t do within the law. They know what is important to them and their family and have prepared for it in advance. What I hear back from them is that they “aren’t always wondering” whether or not they are doing something within the law or illegal. They simply have peace of mind.

While there are certainly components that will allow us to do things within the legal system, such as Gun Trusts, Legacy Planning, NFA items, etc., these are simply documents and instruments we use to craft a “Peace of Mind” strategy to lower your risk. Any document in itself can’t do this…only a plan can make this happen. This is why my focus for gun owners is on developing a strategy so they can use these legal instruments in the correct way to give them the results they want for themselves and their families. To me, it’s just the right way to do things.

If this is an approach you feel fits you and what you want to accomplish, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. I would be happy to set up an initial session with you at no charge to explore it further and give you some guidance on what to do going forward. There is absolutely never a charge or fee for this “Exploratory Session”…it’s my way of helping every gun owner better understand their situation and what they can do to protect them and their family and have Peace of Mind. I know, this doesn’t sound like an attorney talking…but this is just the way I work…different but it’s my passion to help every gun owner I can.

If you ever want to explore your situation further and take advantage of this complementary session, simply CLICK HERE and it will take you to a page where you can send me a meeting request.

Regardless of whether we meet or not, I hope you find value in all the information I provide to you, the Gun owner, and it helps you be safer and better understand the law. You can also ASK A QUESTION at any time…I always answer ever question. Some might be too involved to answer via e-mail but many can be…so let me know what’s on your mind. Remember, there is never a fee for asking a question. And if you ever want to leave a comment, I will always give you a response on any article or blog post. It’s just who we are at Arkansas Gun Law Group…be Safe and stay Legal!