Arkansas Gun Law

There are many facets of gun law within the state of Arkansas. My goal and passion around gun law is to help you better understand then “in’s and out’s” of the law as it applies to  ownership, possession, use, control, and the overall handling of firearms within the State of Arkansas. I want to share with you a variety of information to help you better understand our laws and how they pertain to you and your situation.

One of the best ways I can keep you up to date and informed on a whole host of issues (and proposed issues) relating to owning a firearm is to share my insights and stories about gun law through multiple blog posts, articles/e-books, videos, and other medium throughout the year. If there is a specific topic of interest to you, please either go to our ASK A QUESTION page or CONTACT US page and share your topic with us so we can give you some insights in this area.

To give you a better idea of the topics I talk about, here are a few of the following areas a it relates nationally and with regard to Arkansas Gun Law. Please check back often as I will be adding regular blog posts and other information that l hope will be of help to you as a gun owner in Arkansas. I hope you find what I write about and share to be of value and that you enjoy reading the stories relating to each of these areas:

  • Arkansas Concealed Carry Law.
  • Is Arkansas Now an “Open Carry” Jurisdiction?
  • Guns In, On and Around Arkansas Schools.
  • Arkansas Hunting Regulations.
  • Class III Weapons in Arkansas
  • Miscellaneous Arkansas Gun Law.
  • National Gun Law Issues
  • National Gun Law stories and events

Now for the proverbial disclaimer we have to use as attorneys to keep us within the guidelines of the Bar Association…

The legal discussion and reporting contained in these pages and on this site is not and shall not be construed as a legal opinion of any kind or deemed the giving of legal advice in any way. You should contact our offices or any competent gun lawyer for answers to your questions or for a complete analysis of the segments addressed herein.