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This isn’t a new topic…but it might be for some of you. The talk about “Gun Insurance” has come up before but never really landed anywhere permanent. But now there is some more resurgence about it…is it political or real? There has always been talk about having firearm insurance to protect someone against the loss of a firearm and the use of the firearm in a crime. This is different than the insurance you might have if your gun is stolen from you and you want the insurance company to reimburse you for it. This is adding [read full post]
As you have probably read many times on my blog, gun safety is one of the key topics I talk about to try and help everyone be safe around guns and knowing the law. So anytime I can see someone helping either of these causes I want to share it with you. This time it is a group that is trying to bring gun safety to the forefront for people…in a very big way…using Actors from Hollywood! The group, known as Evolve, is no newcomer to the space of getting the word out and trying to create some [read full post]
There is so much discussion and debate over gun laws and gun control these days you can’t go a day without getting deluged by the content…it’s never ending. And it appears the volume is about equal on both sides of the argument for or against more gun control. One side wants new laws passed and the other wants fewer laws passed…both sides of the spectrum for sure. But when we look at some of these laws we have in place, my question is, “Do we really need more gun laws for common sense answers? Case in [read full post]
If you stop and asked 100 gun owners to tell you what a certain law is about and what it allows/restricts them from doing, many would get the “main point” of the law right or at least be close to what it meant. However, if you asked them to give you some of the more specific details written into the law and what those require you to do or what they restrict, you would get very few that could answer that question. This is one of the biggest issues, in my opinion, for gun owners. Getting caught up in all [read full post]
There has been a lot of discussion and even legislation on the local levels in a variety of cities and states to allow more people to carry firearms into more places. Regardless of whether you agree with this or not isn’t the issue here…the issue is if you, the one carrying the firearm, understand the laws and your responsibilities? Often times the answer is no! Whether we are talking about firearms or anything else that requires people to better understand the law, if you don’t know what you can or can’t do within the law, you [read full post]
There are so many issues surround gun law today, regardless of which side of the fence you prefer to sit on…gun control or gun rights. But one thing everyone agrees on…less violence would be ideal. From all the statistics and reports supplied by the NRA and many other groups, controlling guns isn’t the answer…only criminals figure out how to get guns when there are too many gun laws. And when there are crimes, many times the public doesn’t want to come forward because of all the legal and safety issues that could result from talking. [read full post]
The stock market and Futures markets are controlled by the same things…supply and demand…expectation of things to come. When there is low supply demand usually increases and of course prices increase. It’s a scarcity principle in economics. This is the same for perceived issues that might be occurring, such as the weather in the prediction of crop production. Our economy is run by these types of indicators and expectations. So is the firearm market… While people think more gun controls and stricter gun laws will diminish the supply of guns, it has shown to work in the [read full post]
Regardless of the State we live in, knowing and understanding the “location” of your guns at any point in time can help keep you out of jail. Most gun owners I talk to don’t fully understand the impact of many of our local laws as it relates to “location” of their firearms. Take for example the recent discussion of the issue in Tennessee around the “Guns in Trunks” law that is currently under discussion. If you aren’t familiar with it, in 2013 Tennessee enacted this law that allowed people to keep their guns locked in their trunks while at [read full post]
I saw this phrase in a great discussion in the Herald and News out of Oregon this past week and it really caught my attention. Not because it was another run of the mill rhetoric article passionately supporting one extreme or the other of gun laws but because it just made good common sense. State Senator Betsy Johnson gave a guest opinion, “Oregon gun law try won’t accomplish much,” and in it discussed a new Oregon law surrounding guns that is relevant to everyone in any state because these set precedents and the associated loopholes that exist. I wanted [read full post]