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Regardless of All the Laws…Criminals Will Still Have Guns

Over the past several blog posts I have been talking about a variety of gun laws in different states and around the country that are either being considered or have passed to become law. This will continue and will probably only accelerate with the upcoming years of elections…it is always a hot topic in an… Continue Reading

Background Checks May Just Be the Beginning…

I have shared with you in my previous posts how the laws in one state are, or will, affect the laws in other states, including our own. Legislators and government officials are a bit like lemmings in that when one state does something the others like to pick up on that and run with it… Continue Reading

Gun Laws in Other States Impact EVERYONE…

One topic that comes up regularly is, “what is going on in other states gun laws and should I even care or worry about what they are doing?” The simple answer is “absolutely YES.” As an attorney, we can only practice in the states we are licensed. This means I can’t practice in New York… Continue Reading

Concealed Carry Laws vary by state in 3 Categories

Concealed Carry is definitely a hotter topic today than it has been in past years so it makes it even more important to understand what is behind these laws and how each state treats this topic. Let’s start with the 3 categories of Concealed Carry (CCW). They are… Unrestricted…no permit or licensing is required May-Issue…a… Continue Reading

Who’s In Control of Your Gun Laws…the Feds or Your State?

This is a discussion and question that might seem easy to answer but is being challenged all the time by individual states. And to add more complexity to the discussion, it’s important to know which states are most restrictive and which ones are least restrictive when it comes to firearms. According to an article in… Continue Reading

How “Bullet DNA” is Helping Solve Crimes…and Can Only Get Better

The obvious shortcoming in solving crimes involving guns is what gun was used in the crime. Being able to match up the gun with crime has gotten better over the years but is now taking a giant leap forward with some new technology in the market…“The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.” This is a national… Continue Reading

“Knee Jerk” Gun Laws…does This Help Anyone?

Regardless of which side of gun control or gun rights or 2nd Amendment support you are on, one thing is for certain, the citizens are the ones paying the price for this “ping pong” match. There was an article in Huffington Post recently, “Guns in America: Will We Ever Get Beyond Knee Jerk Lawmaking?” which… Continue Reading

Why Can’t I Just Tote My Gun From State to State?

Is a gun a gun? Not really. We all use the terms “Gun” and “Firearm” pretty interchangeably but are they the same or are they all in a certain category? Most people we talk to don’t realize there are several definitions for “Firearms” and as such should be considered when talking about the law. The… Continue Reading

Gun Control Should Be a Gun Owners Responsibility

It seems like just about every state has something in the press about “gun control” or “gun rights” or “gun laws” these days. Is it that there are more issues or just a hot topic to write about to get readers and viewers? We won’t debate that issue today. The real question is does it… Continue Reading