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Is “Gun Insurance” on the Horizon?

This isn’t a new topic…but it might be for some of you. The talk about “Gun Insurance” has come up before but never really landed anywhere permanent. But now there is some more resurgence about it…is it political or real?

There has always been talk about having firearm insurance to protect someone against the loss of a firearm and the use of the firearm in a crime. This is different than the insurance you might have if your gun is stolen from you and you want the insurance company to reimburse you for it. This is adding insurance into the mix of gun control and more responsibility for gun owners.

Take the recent article in (an Illinois publication) where they talk about this in their article, “New IL Gun Law proposed in Wake of Charleston Mass Shooting.” In the article they talk about reintroducing the concept around requiring gun owners to have insurance…not for loss but for liability.

“Carry your guns, but have your insurance,” says Representative Mary Flowers (D), who is pushing the bill. She’s taking it a step further than just insurance at gun ranges.  She believes a gun owner should be liable “if he … loses his gun in a situation where someone else can get it and causes someone else harm.”

This is basically aimed at offering a payout to the victims of a shooting by the person who’s gun was used in the crime. Is this the right path or is it just another way to discourage gun ownership and improve the position supporting gun control? You can be the judge of it as you read through what it entails and what it would mean to you as a gun owner.

Why do we care about this in our state? Simple…because legislators love the lemming effect and what they see happen in one state gets picked up by another state and before you know it we have the same thing on our ballots or being put into law. It is more apparent when it comes to gun law as you have seen from many of my past posts from laws being passed by other states. It’s important to watch others to see what the future holds for all of us.

While most changes are less significant, requiring every gun owner to carry liability insurance would not be inexpensive and could be one of those where people don’t realize they have to comply…and that usually means someone is getting arrested when it comes to gun laws. I will keep you updated as changes like these happen so you can keep them on your radar for future discussions. That’s the beauty of having a gun law blog and being able to share (and discuss) trending issues for gun owners.

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