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Do We Really Need Laws for What We Know Works?

There is so much discussion and debate over gun laws and gun control these days you can’t go a day without getting deluged by the content…it’s never ending. And it appears the volume is about equal on both sides of the argument for or against more gun control. One side wants new laws passed and the other wants fewer laws passed…both sides of the spectrum for sure. But when we look at some of these laws we have in place, my question is, “Do we really need more gun laws for common sense answers?

Case in point…the recent San Francisco high court refusal to hear an appeal from the NRA to eliminate the law where handguns need to be disabled or under lock and key. NRA argues it violates the Second Amendment and those against argue it is necessary to prevent more gun accidents/deaths. Both may be right in their own arguments, but should it really matter that we have a law for such things like this? Do we really need to be told that it is unsafe to leave a gun around the house when there maybe kids or others in the house that could misuse it? I think not…

Training is a huge answer to many of these issues that most people take for granted. After all, we learned how to drive a car by “training” and we learned how to “pass tests” in school from training and even how to throw a baseball from “training.” So why should something that carries so many responsibilities not require training…but instead just locking it up or other such laws. Are we not trying to create laws around something that could be trained for the most part? And then if there are people in the house that we’re uncertain about (children, mentally challenged, depressed, etc.) then we are “trained” to know how to best secure a firearm. It would be like saying the baseball is ready to throw but we are going to lock it up and that will keep you from throwing it through the window. Training is what helps accomplish it…not a lock and key.

As attorney who has spent countless hours training, both in the past and today, it only makes sense that to really address the cause of some of our gun issues, training is far more important than laws which won’t prevent people from doing what we don’t want. Sure, we need some gun laws around some of the possession and transfer of firearms to ensure we know who has them and how they got them but why not require, as we would do with another law, the owners to have some certified training as well. I believe in finding the cause of issues and addressing those…not just the symptoms that everyone sees.

So regardless of which side of the “gun rights” you might be on, I think we can all agree that the right kind of training can go a long way to helping eliminate at least some of the issues we are trying to regulate with more laws. And in many cases, it’s the one that don’t need the laws that get caught by the laws in the end. Know the law, but know your responsibilities as a gun owner as well and get trained.

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