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Background Checks May Just Be the Beginning…

I have shared with you in my previous posts how the laws in one state are, or will, affect the laws in other states, including our own. Legislators and government officials are a bit like lemmings in that when one state does something the others like to pick up on that and run with it… Continue Reading

Gun Laws in Other States Impact EVERYONE…

One topic that comes up regularly is, “what is going on in other states gun laws and should I even care or worry about what they are doing?” The simple answer is “absolutely YES.” As an attorney, we can only practice in the states we are licensed. This means I can’t practice in New York… Continue Reading

Who’s In Control of Your Gun Laws…the Feds or Your State?

This is a discussion and question that might seem easy to answer but is being challenged all the time by individual states. And to add more complexity to the discussion, it’s important to know which states are most restrictive and which ones are least restrictive when it comes to firearms. According to an article in… Continue Reading

Kids and Gun Laws…the Debate Continues

It goes without saying that everyone wants their kids to be safe when it comes to guns…whether they are in the house or in public. That is never the issue. The issue is around the laws that either are in place or that some want to put in place to help lower the statistic of… Continue Reading

Is Washington State I-594 a “Window into OUR Future?”

If you have been following the huge battle and debate over Initiative 594 in Washington State you know this carries potentially big implications for gun owners…everywhere. This has been one of the hottest Initiatives on any ballot this election year…regardless of the state where you live, including our own. And there was big money behind… Continue Reading

Are Gun Laws and Gun Control Focused on the Right Issues?

With election time coming into play once again, gun laws and gun control are high on the conversation list in many states. Everyone wants to do something during this window of time and of course, heightens the awareness, pro and con, of the current gun laws. And since gun laws vary by state, this makes… Continue Reading

Can the “Super Rich” buy Gun Votes?

This has been a question in many elections through the years; can big money buy votes for candidates and certain initiatives? Well, the same question is becoming a hot topic in the state of Washington over the battle for an initiative for background checks for all gun owners and other elements of a closely watched… Continue Reading

Maybe it’s Time to “Revive” the 2nd Amendment

Never before in our history has there been so much discussion, debate, and laws about what can and can’t be done in regard to owning and carrying firearms. It is constant and it is all over the map in what different constituents want in this hot topic. But maybe there is a chance we will… Continue Reading

Gun Control Shouldn’t be about “Control” but about “Managed Abundance”

No one disagrees, whether they are proponents or not of gun control, the issue is about trying to keep guns out of the hands of those that potentially could do harm to others. This is the real issue. In a perfect world, responsible citizens would be allowed to have firearms and irresponsible, criminally minded people… Continue Reading