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Gun Safety is for EVERYONE…Even Actors!

As you have probably read many times on my blog, gun safety is one of the key topics I talk about to try and help everyone be safe around guns and knowing the law. So anytime I can see someone helping either of these causes I want to share it with you. This time it is a group that is trying to bring gun safety to the forefront for people…in a very big way…using Actors from Hollywood!

The group, known as Evolve, is no newcomer to the space of getting the word out and trying to create some movements around different activities. The one most are familiar with is their campaign, “Friends don’t let Friends drive drunk.” This has been out a while and been very successful at raising awareness to drunk driving. Now they are focused on gun safety.

There was a great article on this in Adage called, “Gun Safety Group Pushes ‘Stop, Drop, Roll’-Like Rally Cry.” What makes this such a great campaign and message is that it doesn’t “take sides” in the infamous gun control debate. It isn’t supporting one side or the other…it simply wants to get the message out about gun safety. My hat goes off to them for taking this type of non-partisan stance on such a volatile and hotly debated issue as gun control.

In the article they show a video with an actor talking about their new campaign. It is simply an awareness video to make talking about gun safety entertaining and something you will watch for 1 minute. It’s worth watching. While it is meant to be a bit humorous and light, its message is very real and something everyone, gun owner or not, should pay attention to. I applaud their approach to not making this a political issue but one that every citizen should be aware of and take steps to being more educated about gun safety.

While I spend most of my time talking about gun law and how to stay out of jail with the proper knowledge of the law, this is just as critical to everyone. Even if we set up the best Gun Trust and design the best way for you to own and transfer your firearms within the law, not being safe handling a firearm is a bigger issue. But when you combine these two, safety and proper handling of the possession and transfer issues, you have a recipe for success as a gun owner or anyone else concerned about gun ownership.

We know we can’t take the guns out of the hands of criminals who want to possess one for a crime, but we can certainly make the ownership and safety of them in the hands of everyone else a non-issue. Groups like Evolve can help everyone be more aware…which is the first step towards change.

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