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Kids and Gun Laws…the Debate Continues

It goes without saying that everyone wants their kids to be safe when it comes to guns…whether they are in the house or in public. That is never the issue. The issue is around the laws that either are in place or that some want to put in place to help lower the statistic of… Continue Reading

We Should Always Stand Up for What you Believe In

There probably isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t some story in some news source talking about gun advocacy or gun control. Both sides are very passionate, sometimes heated, about their views and their beliefs. But protesting and demonstrating isn’t always the most effective way to get attention when you want to make… Continue Reading

Gun Control Should Be a Gun Owners Responsibility

It seems like just about every state has something in the press about “gun control” or “gun rights” or “gun laws” these days. Is it that there are more issues or just a hot topic to write about to get readers and viewers? We won’t debate that issue today. The real question is does it… Continue Reading

Why Do Businesses have a Strategic Plan…Shouldn’t You?

It is well known that to run a successful business you need a plan…specifically a business plan. But what exactly does the plan do for the business? It helps keep them focused on what is important and how to minimize risk for the business. Isn’t that exactly what a responsible Gun Owner should be doing?… Continue Reading

Brandishing Gone Bad…or the Right Answer?

If you are a regular reader of my blog you probably read my post a few weeks ago on Brandishing, “Brandishing…Obvious…or is it?” I talked more about the entire issue of Brandishing and what it means to Brandish a firearm. But there was a recent story that came up which offered a great example I… Continue Reading

Can You Be “Charged” if Your Children Use Your Guns?

One of the questions that comes up from time to time is what happens if there is a “minor” in the house and they use one of your firearms…with our without permission. What if they use a “registered” firearm or an NFA firearm or if they use it and end up shooting someone, intentionally or… Continue Reading

Brandishing…Obvious…or is it?

One law which has been in the books for a long time related to firearms is “Brandishing.” By definition it seems pretty straight forward but seems to also be a big issue for some people. Each state has something about it and if you look at the definition in, it seems pretty clear… “…to… Continue Reading

The Issue Isn’t Gun Laws…It’s All About The Training

As a gun owner you know there is continuous discussion, banter, debate, and even outrage over what should happen with gun laws. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, much of this is a good healthy discussion for all of us to have going on so people are more aware of what is… Continue Reading