Gun Trusts

A Gun Trust, simply put, is a special purpose revocable living trust designed to hold all or part of a gun owner’s firearms collection. The Trust will provide a certain level of asset protection during the gun owner’s lifetime, and distribute the firearms upon the owner’s passing to his or her named heirs and beneficiaries. Below is a short video answering the question “What is a Gun Trust?”

One of the main benefits to having a Gun Trust is that it avoids the necessity for having to pass your firearms collection through Probate upon your passing. Many people think that because they have a Will, there is no need for a Gun Trust. This is true in the sense that your firearms will be distributed to your heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. But, what most people fail to realize is that a Will must be probated, and probate involves a public proceeding, not to mention the fact that it is time consuming and often complicated.

If you want to avoid the public nature of having your gun collection probated, then you should consider having our Firm create a customized Gun Trust for you. We offer three levels of Gun Trust planning – BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD depending on your individual needs. You can learn more about each of these by visiting our page on “ONLINE TRUSTS” in the main menu bar for a description and discussion of the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Gun Trust solutions.