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Greetings…you are here because you decided it’s time to spend an hour and find out where you are currently with your Gun Law Strategy. AWESOME…and I applaud you for taking a very important step in helping you (and possibly your family) be safer and acting within the law!

As I have said before, signing up to meet with me for an hour has ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED…it’s just my way of trying to help every gun owner in Arkansas know more about what they may not know. This is completely FREE, COMPLIMENTARY, NO CHARGE…I don’t know how to make that any clearer. You can meet with me for an hour and walk away without a bill…it’s that easy.

If you want to set up a time for us to meet, simply fill out the simple form below and I’ll get back in touch with you shortly to find a time that works for both our schedules. Thank you again for taking a major step…the step of UNDERSTANDING where you are within Arkansas and National Gun Laws, your level of Risk, and some ideas you can take away to be safer and have greater Peace of mind. Now, here’s the form and a few questions to get us started…

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